April 7, 2015

starbucks crack

Some days around 3:00 the boys and I are tired and crying. We need a drive.  Safely strapped in their carseats they usually all fall asleep.  I drive 20 minutes out of the way to a drive-thru Starbucks and pay way too much money for a really unhealthy caffeinated drink.  I sip and drive back super slow and listen to whatever I want on the radio.  They are well rested and I am well caffeinated.  It is glorious.

I really wish I made this video.  It is so great in every way.


  1. I so wish I drank coffee. I would take one right now (3:52 and the slump has hit). That video was awesome... I want to hang out with them. Post coffee.

  2. best video yet, i loled at a lot of parts