May 27, 2015

Big bros stats

Last week we celebrated Theo's actual birthday by going to the doctor for a 1 year check up and lots of shots.  I promised him his birthdays will only get better from here.  Jackson and Nash also joined for their yearly check-up.  Nothing like taking your sweet boy to get shots and bringing along his ever so quiet and well-behaved big brothers.  And really everyone did great, they acted like 1, 3, and 5 year old boys, what else did I expect?  I reminded Charlie at least 16 times that the appointment was at 4:00 and he better be there, I mean he would hate to miss it.  :) He made it just in time and got stickers too.

Jackson Arthur Farris 5 year check up stats -
Height - 3ft. 9in. - 85%
Weight - 47lb. 5oz. - 87%

Nash William Farris 3 year check up (better late than never) -
Height - 3ft. 4in. - 89%
Weight- 38lb. 4oz. - 91%

They also got their blood pressure checked and argued about whose was higher.  I didn't make the effort to explain why this is not a good thing.  Maybe next time.

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