May 24, 2015


Happy 5th Birthday to the sweetest, ever so practical, lover of life, goof troop Jackson!  You are my sunshine!
Jackson's 5 year old Favorites
TV Show - Blaze and the Monster Machines, Paw Patrol, Octonauts
Song - Kidz Bop 28!  The new CD that he got for his birthday & Uptown Funk
Foods - Waffles, cinnamon toast, Jersey Mike's turkey wrap with pickles and honey mustard,  pb&j, yogurt, dinosaur chicken, pizza, blueberries, watermelon...
Candy -chocolate, skittles, swedish fish
Toys - Legos, transformer!, baseball stadium game
Book - Shel Silverstein, Dinos love Baseball, Dragons Love Tacos
Activity - baseball, scooter, pool, cards, football

May is a big celebration month for us.  It's like Christmas around here!...

Birthday boys breakfast choice, cinnamon rolls, popped right out of the Pillsbury can.  They can't be beat.

Birthday boys celebration spot, Kanki!  I have trained him well.

Tat & Will came to eat, I mean celebrate.  And Jackson caught the chicken bite in his mouth on the first try.  Yes, we have trained him well.  So proud of that boy.  ;)

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