May 15, 2015

Preschool Picnic

Today was the boys end of the year picnic for preschool.  I (I mean we) are going to miss this place over the summer!  It has been an awesome year for both Jackson and Nash.  I am not even going to get started on the fact that J-man is going to Kindergarten next year.  Not up for a self-pitty, what happened to my baby boy fest just yet.
His first face paint, guess he decided to go all out.  I didn't even see him do it or know they were doing it until he shyly walked up to me.  I busted a gut. 

This stud has had a nasty little cold and didn't go to school yesterday.  But he was all about the school picnic and feeling good this afternoon.  And when asked if he wanted to do his face like Jacksy's 'a hmm no way.'

This guy did a lot of walking around and ate a lot of bubbles and dirt.  They were playing Kidz Bop.  He was getting his groove on.

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