May 18, 2015

Theo's First Birthday Party!

Sunday we celebrated Theo's 1st birthday with a family cookout at our house.  We cooked out hotdogs, threw some water balloons, went fishing, had slushies, opened presents and demolished some cake! Ahhh the life of the third kid, maybe not as glamorous as the first, but my boy had the best time.  That is all that counts.  I cannot believe he will actually be one years old tomorrow.

So… no one cares if I just eat this cake?

You better hurry Theo… got some creepers...

Oh yeah, face first.

That's good ya'll!

I mean, it is real good!

I'm all jacked up on cake, let's play ball!

The slushy truck came by, perfect timing.  I mean I totally planned it...

Loving my Cozy Coupe! Thanks for the push Brooklyn.

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