May 3, 2015

The good stuff.

We had another pretty stellar weekend over here.  I will leave out the meltdowns, gut punches, karate chops, whining, potty 'accidents' and mommy getting frustrated parts.  In between all of that we had our share of sweet brothers and proud parents.  Here are a few iPhone pictures for your entertainment (ok, mine, this is the best baby book - photo album - picture frame - ever.)

Weekend grocery prep.  This is an event.  Filled with free cookies and opened boxes of cheese-its.  When we all go together I always end up with an extra bottle of wine and some klondike bars.

Friday afternoon we checked out the new Kidzu Children's Museum.  All three of my guys had a good time.  It is not that big and has a pretty open concept, so I was able to sort of keep watch on the older two while pulling toys out of Theo's mouth.  

Friday night we went to the Creekside Carnival.  This is where Jackson will go to Kindergarten next year.  The carnival was a blast and got me pretty excited about his new big school.  They had a silly string pit, genius.

They also had a 'see how strong you are' game.  Nash aka Hulk Smash (pay no attention to his Superman shirt) patiently waited in line and then put the older kids to shame.  He had a little help from Will, but really it was not needed.  

Saturday morning while dad worked and Theo napped Jackson taught Nash how to play War.  I was in the room to break up the occasional fight but it went pretty well.  I feel like we may be making some serious play time progress over here.  Please. Please. Please.

Saturday evening neighborhood cookout and Kentucky Derby watching.  You say cookout (or mint juleps), we will be there.

We had our usual Sunday of church, lunch at Jason's Deli, books at Barnes and Noble and then FINALLY we got to celebrate Grand-daddy's birthday!!  We hung out with our cousins and  filled our bellies with Lebanese food and cookie cake.  Happy Birthday Grand-daddy!

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