August 23, 2015

Family Fun

We had us a low-key family fun weekend.  This week, KINDERGARTEN starts up! Aghh, not till Thursday, so I am not going to talk about it just yet.  I was attempting to clean house, get things organized and get our kids to bed at a decent hour, did not happen.  But, we had fun and are gonna soak up these last summer days.

Sno-cone truck knows where the business is.  Friday afternoon goodness with Uncle Josh.  He has been living with us this summer, because we needed another dude up in here…  And we needed sno-cones before a Chuckee-Cheese birthday party.

Family selfie at the Paperhand Puppet show at The Forest Theatre on campus.  I remember running by this outdoor show in college and thinking  who goes to this?  Well we do and it was awesome.  We sat on the front row and all my guys were pretty mesmerized, I recommend.   

Saturday morning tee-ball.  Go Fireballs.  Medals and muscles and Gatorade.   A win-win-win for Nash.

My big guy and his Hulk Smash team.  

Lounging Saturday afternoon at the pool with Cousins and Will and Tat.

Saturday evening baseball.  No bad guys are gonna sneak up on our game!

Found these two hippies mowing the backyard.  Decided to keep them.  Sorry Theo, third kid probs.

Sunday fishing! Gotcha!

Sunday Park time!  He wasn't this dirty at church, promise.

And topped it off with steaks with Spiderman.  Spidey is actually a lot more pleasant than Nashy, might just be wearing this costume all week.  ;)

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