August 12, 2015


Our cousins Hannah and Nate live in California.  A long time ago I told Jackson when he turned 5 we could go visit them.  Lucky for me he never forgets anything and I want him to always be able to trust me soooo we did it!  It was such a fun visit.  San Jose was good to us with sunny, breezy weather; good eats; good snuggly sleeps with my boy; lots of parks; maybe even a little bit of shopping!

Fun Aunt Sarah talked with JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES, and created a treasure hunt with clues, games and real treasure.  Jackson was all over it.  He did not even know that Jake lived in California!

Morning cinnamon rolls with this girl.  She is as sweet and feisty as she looks.  She rules.  But really she does.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo!  Coolest little kids park ever.  

We were here all day.  Rides, zoo, shows, jungle gym, cafeteria, etc. and all very walkable.    

Friday night we got picnic food and headed to outdoor music and watched the goof troops dance.  Jackson informed everyone he was from North Carolina and is the oldest and has 2 younger brothers that couldn't come.

Saturday morning Farmer's Market love.  I got flowers and candied nuts and kettle corn.  :)

A NINJA WARRIOR PARK!  Jackson did a lot of obstacle courses and then spotted this guy - 

'Mom, you have to take a picture and send this to Nash.  He is going to be like oh wow that is amazing.   I can't believe Spider Man lives in California too.'

Helped make some of Uncle Kyle's famous chocolate chip cookies.

And had a morning pajama donut date with Hannah and Kyle.  He could have just done that and it would be a good trip.

Sliding with Nate after church.  He is wearing a Farris boys throw-back-vintage onesie.

Missing the Fowler family already!

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