August 10, 2015

First Flight!

This past weekend Jackson and I went to California!  It was Jackson's first time on an airplane and just as I suspected he was perfect.  Seriously, flying with one kid who is five is easier than flying with a husband.  He was super pumped and in his true dorky fashion had already read up on flying and watched the TSA video online.  :)  He was pretty much leading me through the airport.  Apparently when you fly with a kid they let you skip the line and bring you warm cookies and gummy bears on the flight!  It was a long but direct flight and took full advantage-  watching way too much Disney Jr., I watched a movie (what what!!) we played games and did some coloring and went to the bathroom a lot.  I have never had a better travel mate.  Sorry Charlie.

Another bonus - only needs a carry-on that he can roll himself.

We got up super early so his first priority was making sure he got breakfast.  He picked out the first cinnamon roll he saw.  It was the size of his head and you can't miss that big ol' head.

Sleepy plane buddies.

Head phones on, skittles opened up, orange juice ready, time for some Paw Patrol ya'll!

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