August 2, 2015

Mom Brain

Saturday we had the usual early morning of 2 long hot hours of tee-ball fun.  Charlie didn't have to work so I thought it would be the perfect day for all of us to go and check out the Greensboro Science Center.  We grabbed a bite to eat at Jersey Mike's  and headed out.  (Really his day off and we couldn't think of anywhere else to go?!)  I plugged Greensboro Kid's Museum into the trusty phone GPS and we were on our way.  The place was great, like a little town for kids with a grocery store, pizza shop, post office, drs. office; big section with real trucks; a train station; outside garden, etc. etc.  After we were there for a good hour I started to wonder where all the animal and aquarium stuff was…  Oh, hey, we went to the wrong freaking museum.  It was pretty funny but kind of not funny at all.  Any how - I recommend the Kid's Museum and I am looking forward to the Science center.  And it was all worth it, because I got this picture of all my boys looking and smiling.  Might just have us a Christmas card on our hands…

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  1. haha! didn't know you went to the wrong place. Glad it worked out so well!