August 4, 2015

3rd babe

Poor Theo doesn't get as much individual updates as his older brothers did.  I guess that is what happens when you are the third.  But I don't like it.  One day he will be big like them and I will want to look back to when he was one and innocent and slobbery and loved his mama more than anything in the world.  If I could keep him this age (and blonde and wearing mini fedoras) forever I might just do that - except for the sleeping through the night and wiping your own butt part.  He is so hilarious.  He copies everything, says 'MAAMM' and 'GOO' and 'UHH OHHH' in a deep smokers voice, while always smiling.  He eats all the time.  Every morning he wakes up first, I get him out of his crib, and he hugs my neck - maybe my favorite part of the day.  We head downstairs and he points to the pantry and starts on his first breakfast of a banana and milk, then Jackson comes down and he eats some oatmeal with him, then Nash comes down and he has a waffle with him, then Charlie makes eggs and yep he has some eggs with him.  He has consumed more in the first 30 minutes of his day than most 1 year olds do all day, so I can't complain or worry if he eats anything the rest of the day.   But he does, he always does.  The rest of his day is spent in my arms.  JK - sort of.  He plays tee-ball and walks around the pond and rides in his cozy coupe and splashes at the pool and laughs at his brothers.  He is growing way too fast.  We can't get enough of you 'baby' Theo!

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