August 16, 2015

ice cream!

We can't keep ice cream in our freezer.  Really, it is gone in 2 days flat.  My boys love it as much as I do.  In fact Jackson begs 'please mom, don't eat all the ice cream in the night.'  I should be embarrassed but it is too good to be embarrassed.  Our favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip but any other flavor will do - especially if we have 'the hard black stuff that you have to count to 30 before you can eat it but it is sooooo amazing' - Magic Shell.  Tis the season!

'Please can we have some ice cream?  We won't fight! Your the best mom ever, I love you so much. Pleassseee!'

Will dance for ice cream!


  1. I'm a firm believer that dessert should be it's own food group - 2 servings a day!!!!

  2. Theo looks like I had your baby for you. That hair kills me!