March 20, 2016


This afternoon the boys had their last flag football game.  I overcommitted and wasn't going to be able to make it to the game like I was hoping.  I don't know why, but I got really bummed out about it.  We were at a luncheon and the big guys had to head out to their game as they were already super late.  When they walked out Nash said, 'You are coming to our last game, right mom?!!'  My heart sank, and my throat started to swell up.  He kept on walking, not even waiting to hear my response. The good news is, he will never remember this.  The bad news is, I will.  Parenting will get you sometimes.  Thankfully I am surrounded by awesome mamas,  and they send me pictures and videos and make sure my boys have water, etc.  It really does take a village.

'Oh yeah, we weren't in the game so just talking plays!'

Trophy time!

#1 daddy coach, giving out trophies, all suited up.  

Go Bulldogs!  1st season of flag football was our favorite sport yet.

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  1. Your boys had a whole cheering section there-- and plenty of moms there to tie cleats and reattach belts 92 times. It does take a village and I am thankful to be in a village with YOU!