March 6, 2016


The weekend has come and gone and it is like I never even knew it was here.  We did lots of running around this weekend, which kind of stresses me out, the risk of no naps and meltdowns and getting hangry, and sometimes my kids misbehave too.  We made it and all had an awesome weekend.

Rise and Shine!  An 8am victory for the Orange Tigers started our weekend off strong!

After the game we headed to my cousin's engagement luncheon in Goldsboro.  My aunt's house is awesome and the weather was perfect.  We grubbed out, the boys played football & baseball and I didn't take a single picture... Afterwards we headed over to visit with Papa for a few, and my mom got the sweetest picture you ever did see.  My Papa was a singer and owned Frederick's music store his entire life.  His mind is slowly drifting but he continues to sing beautifully to this day.  Whenever we hear someone older singing a hymn or 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' on the radio my boys always say wow listen to Papa, and I never correct them.  

On the way back home everyone crashed.  Nash was ready to get in the game if needed.  

We got back to Chapel Hill well rested and just in time to put on our Tar Heel gear and head over to our neighbors house.  'GAAHHH TAAHH HEEEL! TUTTS DOWN!' 

A Tar Heel victory AND ice cream Sundays.  Heaven.

Sunday was church and drive-thru Bojangles.  A new 'tradition' I guess you could say... I am on a mission to bring back Jason's Deli!  Then we headed to flag football where the Bulldogs got a W and Jackson got the Sportsmanship medal - making his mama so proud.  Afterwards we headed to the mall to get a new pair of shoes for everyone.  They all have ONE pair?!  I had to bribe them to get a new pair?!  Then they were really well behaved while Charlie got fitted for a suit... I decided we needed to roll on out to a park.  We are not mall strolling people just yet.  Bring it on Monday!

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