March 22, 2016

The many faces of DAD, DADDDYYY, DAAADDDD!!!

You know how I say Charlie is a #1 dad, well I really mean it.  He is the biggest and kindest 'kid' in our family. He wears a lot of different hats around here and always smiles while doing it.  This weekend he did not have to 'work' at Jersey Mike's but as always I had him a nice little list.  Some of the good stuff, I don't take pics of the bad...

Friday night baseball game.  UNC vs. Duke at the Durham Bulls Stadium.  Tar heels win again!

Saturday afternoon we helped hosts one of Charlie's BFF engagement party, it got weird.

Sunday was church, a luncheon for our Syrain refugee friends, flag football and then he helped me at the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  Grill master, didn't even have time to change out of his suit.  

Finally that evening he relaxed with our 'small group' through church...

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  1. These pictures have me loling. That Ryan one is amazing and I am cracking up over his "relaxed" look at small group