March 11, 2016


Every Spring, I forget how much I love Spring.  Maybe I should say, how much I need Spring.  Boys have to go outside.  There is no crafting or coloring or having tea parties around here - sounds dreamy - but instead we head outside to get out energy.  The past few days have been good for everyone's soul.  Lots of ball games, park time and exploring around the pond.  And, knock on wood, Theo has been taking some killer afternoon naps.

Go Theo Go!  'I wan do it.  Siiiddee. I gon do it. Mommy do it!'

No duck left behind!  Really though, they follow us around the pond.  I think they listen out for when our back door opens.  

A little evening ACC Tournament action.  Tar heels vs. Globetrotters.

A little Friday Snow Cone action.  You should have see Jackson's face light up when he heard that truck music.  You should have seen how fast he ran upstairs and emptied his piggy bank when I told him I didn't have any cash.

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  1. Ha!! Those lucky ducks;-) they aren't ever leaving that pond! 💓