March 28, 2016


'In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.' -John 16:33

Jesus is alive!  Happy Easter!  We enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday.  The Easter bunny came, we had a very moving church service and a safe trip to Wilson to celebrate with our families.  I love Easter.

'How does the Easter bunny get in our house? Is he a mom or a dad? Are their a lot of them? Do they go to China?  By hopping?'   I need to brush up on my Easter bunny etiquette.  

Easter Sunday prep.

Sugar-coated Easter studs.  Thank-you God for these boys.

First things first, we wrestle at Grandmama's house.

The weather cleared up and we got some good soggy outside time in after our first feast of BBQ and all the fixes.

We headed to my parents house and my mom reminded me I needed a picture with my boys, I would want it later, and I wouldn't even notice how greasy my hair was.  The got another bang trim for dad, luckily I caught him before he started evening it out.

Grill masters Nash and Uncle David.  The ribs were a hit.

But not as good as the ice cream sandwich cake.  Papa & Theo had 'just a little bit more.'

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