March 14, 2016

Tar Heels - Touch - A - Truckin'

This Saturday we hit up the annual Touch-A-Truck.  It was just me and the bros so I laid down the law before we got there - We have to stay together and help each other out.  Jackson added in 'No fighting or saying dookie words.' And Nash 'I will try really hard to not pick my nose.'  Lucky for us we spotted Brooklyn and UNC right when we arrived so we got to hang with them.  Theo was NOT a fan of the super loud honks and sirens so he pretty much had a death grip on my neck the entire time while crying, 'noo! no! mommy no!' so we kept our distance from most of the trucks.  All in all I guess you could say it was fun?...

The ease at which Nash climbed into the back of the police car was a little too close for comfort.

'BALL! BAKETTBALL, SOOT, SOOT!'  This is where we spent the majority of our time.  In our comfort zone.

Sweet cousins and Locopops!

After that we headed to the Orange Tigers last game of the year.  It was a close one but they win again!  Seriously though, I was very impressed by how much better the entire team got.  No comparison between the first game of the year and the last.

And then we hopped in the car and headed to Wilson for a few hours.  Charlie's family had their annual ACC weekend with family and friends so we dropped in to see everyone and wrestle.  And how about those Tar Heels!

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