July 13, 2016


On Monday morning everyone was at camp!  I worked out and cleaned and did loads of laundry and it was quiet and glorious.  I even took a shower and was going to shave my legs, until my phone kept buzzing like crazy.  As a mom, you immediately think something must be wrong or someone is sick or who knows (why do we do this to ourselves?!) so I hopped out to check my phone.  Tons of people were sending me texts, did you see the post on Facebook, etc., I even had voicemails about it.  So again, I start to think the worst, until someone sent me a screen shot of this...  

I am the envy of 4,000 plus South Durham moms!  Unfortunately it was taken down, before I could reply, but not before I got numerous screen shots sent to me.  It made my day!! He is smoking hot and makes really good subs.  She speaks the truth.  And I think this is good marketing.  Sorry Charlie.  ;)

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