July 27, 2016

Poke monsters

I know you have heard about Pokemon Go.  I refused to download it or tell my gaming addicted son (husband) about it or really learn what it is about.  I lost, they won.  Except for the learning about it part, I still have no idea or desire to figure it out.  Along with the rest of America, they are addicted.  It could be worse, they are outside and hanging out together and saving the world or whatever it is you are doing you poke monsters.

Jackson told me he was going to go ahead and get in his bed??!!  I walked in a few minutes later to find him sorting some Pokemon cards that he found.  

The boys had a cousin sleep over and we had a kid free night!  We had dinner AND a movie at Silverspot.  And... Pokemon... help me.  

New neighbors - 3 boys and a girl! - moved in across the street.  I couldn't find them for a while, should have known, out back, introducing them to Pokemon.

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