July 23, 2016


Jackson and Nash attended Vacation Bible School in the evenings this past week at a local church.  It is the same one they went to last year and again thoroughly enjoyed it.  This church goes all out and does a great job loving on our children.  This year they collected change for the 'Hope House' and its ministry of welcoming refugees who will be resettled in Durham.  They decided to have a lemonade and cookie stand to raise some money.  

Jackson was at a friends house for the morning.  Nash, Theo and I gladly did all the prep work.  

I spotted Nash outside doing some early morning marketing.  He had a hard time waiting until 4:00 to start our big sale and start making that money.  'I am gonna keep a little bit of the money too.' I thought we were going to give it to the refugees?' 'Yeah, well I am like a refugee.' 'Really?' 'Yeah, I have zero dollars.'  Bless him, he is almost getting it. 

Finally!  After this picture they ran off and played.  I awkwardly held up the sign and polished off all of the cookies.  Success.

The final program at VBS.  Work it boys.  

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