July 19, 2016

Hood River!

This past weekend Charlie and I headed to Hood River, Oregon for the most scenic wedding of my dear friend Mary.  Almost all of my best girl friends from college were there (we missed those currently having babies) it had been way too long!  The weather was gloriously chilly and sunny the entire time.  We ran, hiked, ate, partied, and did a lot of porch sitting.  I lacked in picture taking, but this trip goes down as one of the best ever.

Pizza - Keg - Party by the waterfront when everyone arrived on Thursday evening.

The wedding was Friday night at a gorgeous winery & farm, followed by cocktails and a dinner.  Seriously felt like we were in another country.  Oregon is beautiful in July.  (You couldn't pay me to be there in the the winter, grass is not always greener...)

UNC Teenies-Tappas Group shot with the bride!  Take me back!

I scored a hot date with the red shirt guy from Jersey Mike's! YEOW!

Hiking to some waterfalls before a big party on Saturday. 

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