April 20, 2017

1 Week Winnie!

Winnie has been here for 1 entire week!  She is a rockstar.  Her brothers and I are still hectic as all get out but that is to be expected.  She is a very serious little lady.  She does crack a smile when she lets out a big ol stinker, so I think she will fit right in around here.  She is getting some serious loves (germs) and accepts them like champ.  She is teaching her big brothers a thing or two about female anatomy, sleeping, eating (again?!!), and pooting.  She is everything I imagined and more more more!
I am a big fan of just hanging out in your nightgown all day, but girls are fun to dress!

Found her like this after the boys left for preschool (haleluia preschool!).  You can never be too sure of what might go down while you are away! ;)

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