April 28, 2017


The big brothers are still in love with Winnie.  They snuggle her with slobbery dirty kisses and I try to not cringe.  Her immune system is going to dominate by the time she is in Kindergarten. Otherwise business is usual for them...

And by business, I mean Theo finally did his in the potty!  Hopefully I am not jinxing it.  He got to pick out ANY toy he wanted from the toy store.  When he did the dirty in the potty he got to have it.  We have been looking at Basketball Guys (his pick??!!) on the top of our kitchen cabinet for about 2 weeks now.  And the other day, he ran inside, sat down and surprised himself and all of us! Woohoo!

Nash and Winnie are pretty much BFF right now.  He always checks on her, loves to burp her, and is always up for a snuggle.  It has come in very very very handy for me!  Wish he could 'milk her' as he calls it.  :)

Swarm!  This is an app on my phone because my bro-in-law used to work for them.  Basically you 'check in' places and your 'friends' can see where you are, you can see tips for restaurants, post pictures, etc.  You can also get coins.  I don't even know the point of it.  Anyhow, Jackson has discovered it and in all his gaming glory thinks it is awesome.  He is on it any chance I will let him.  Like most males, the bathroom is his favorite 'reading' spot.  Leaving me with lots of selfies...

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