April 18, 2017

Easter Blessings!

I was set on being at home for Easter with our brand new family of six.  And guess what? Charlie, Winnie and I were fast asleep when the bros headed downstairs to check out their Easter baskets.  Sneaky rascals.  I didn't know they were up until Nash ran upstairs to tell me even Winnie got a basket!  Oh well.  I appreciated the extra zzz's more than they know.  

I feel ya Theo.

My Easter chicks getting in some morning cuddles.

The boys at church.  He is Risen!  An Easter picture with cousins.  I am so happy Winnie has these sweet ladies close by to teach her all things pretty and pink.

Winnie wearing my first Easter dress for a little photo shoot.  Sorry little lady, get used to it.  Girls are fun!

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