April 24, 2017

Weekend First

Winnie experienced her first weekend.  Rise and shine, we don't sleep in around here!  She is still in the newborn sleepy stage.  Her longest sleep seems to be after an early morning feeding, right as I put her down and long for some zzz's, I hear a bedroom door open... coffee time.  Highlights included her first ball game, a new born photo shoot, (whew, talk about not relaxing, she did great, her brothers, holy moly, I remember why I have never done this before, I will be glad when they come back I am sure, but wow, ok, I digress, too much coffee) and her cousins first birthday party!

Go Dodgers!  Nash was pumped to be Winnie's first baseball game.  He checked on her lots. :)  High five big bro!

The first of many for Miss Winnie!  Note - I did not attend a funeral, but may need to invest in some clothes that fit and get to walking, sigh.

We had overlapping baseball games at 8:30am (come on man...) which left us with the entire day to play!  Thankfully Will came over for some baseball, basketball and football.  Best play mates, friends, enemies, brothers ever.  

Some front porch rocking.  Look at that sugar bowl!!

Happy 1st Birthday Eleanor!  Winnie slept through the entire thing.  I drank Sangria and ate all things out of the Very Hungry Caterpillar book.  It was fantastic.   


  1. What a big weekend for sweet Winnie!!! And tell Winnie's momma to cut herself a little slack-- she's doing AMAZING! I am in awe of you daily, Rebekah!

  2. I agree with Carrie ;) And I am glad you were able to enjoy the Sangria -- you should have hidden away to nap yourself! -Brittni

  3. I subscribe to the all black club too