April 2, 2017

Weekend Goodness

'Why does the weekend go by fast in like 90 minutes, ugghhh' - Jackson.  I feel ya buddy.  This weekend was a good one, but we could use an extra day (or 2) around here, tomorrow is another big one for us Tarheels!

We had some baseball games and special fan Grandmama came to watch!

Climbed some trees after pre-school, be careful Theo, I am no help.

Our Supper Club had a murder mystery Great Gatsby style on Friday night.  Thankfully mobster 'Billie Baird' did not go into labor as 'Handsome Sam' would not have been a good ride to the hospital.  

The crew.  Only one girl wasn't supposed to wear a flapper outfit, the host with the most planned accordingly and let me be the gangster!

More baseball.  Post game talk with Coach Charlie, the Angels and his biggest fans.  

Final Four Game Time!  Our neighbors had a culdesac party where we pre-gamed and watched the game.  We headed home at half to get serious.

 Heels house!

 Sunday was gorgeous!  We went to church and then our small group had a cookout.  We are all a worn out crew tonight but excited for tomorrow!! TAR....!!!

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