January 19, 2015

8 months!

And just like that, he is 8 months.  We love our  'theo-ba-beo.'  And he sure does love to watch his brothers.  He wants to get down and play with them so bad.  Usually we make him hang out in his jumparoo in order to avoid eating foosballs and legos and darts and peanuts and dog food and other tiny things that are for some reason scattered all over the rug.  Anything that he can get his hands on is going in his mouth.  His favorites are bananas, strawberries, carrots, sweet potatoes and he can down a fruit squeeze in about 23 seconds.  He also loves his paci.  This is my first baby that has taken a paci.  Give your baby a paci as soon as possible, just trust me, do it.

You know what he likes to do?  Grab my face and give me big wide-open slobbery kisses, sometimes he even gnaws those two little teeth on my chin.  It only gets weird when he gives me chill bumps. 

Seriously mom?!

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