January 18, 2015


Jackson had his first ever basketball practice this weekend.  He was p-u-m-p-e-d!  He did some extra practicing in the garage with is dad.  He had lots of questions about how high the net would be, should he bring his own ball, could I double knot his shoes and could he wear his pajama shorts since his soccer shorts were too small.  I relayed this to Tat & Will who promptly got him a basketball outfit.  If he has not already invited you he plays every Saturday and loves to have fans.   He has a great group of friends on his team and I am sure it will be a big season for the 'Red Swords.'

Working on that pass.  Note in the background, super dad.  I volunteered him to help coach.  Hope these kids are ready to win! ;)

Jackson quietly took me into the hall after practice and asked me to take his picture.  He then did this unprompted pose.  How did I get such a sweet kid?


  1. Wish we could come watch Jackson!! Go coach Charlie! I always volunteer Joey to coach too!

  2. Just the best. I dunno why this picture gets me so much