January 29, 2015


I got sucked into a Groupon.  A Great Wolf Lodge Groupon.  The boys had a teacher workday on Thursday so it worked out for Charlie to take off and for us to go on a Wednesday for the night.  Jackson and Nash have been before with their grandparents and talk about it all the time.  They were pumped.  And you know what, it was worth all of the hype!  We had a great time.  It took us less than 2 hours to get there, we checked into our 'kid kamp' room and walked down the hall to the water park.  It was not busy at all.  The big guys played while Theo and I headed back to the room for a nap and then we all met up for more water time.  We ate dinner at 'the lodge' right before story time and then hit up the arcade that was also right next to our room.  The next morning we did it all again.  I highly recommend it for this age.  It was really 'easy' for a water park.

We are here!!

The cutest little wolf you ever did see.

 He doesn't do slides or put on life jackets to go in the deep part but he will stand under water buckets (NOT the big one) and wade in the water until his skin is shriveled and his lips purple.

He does it all.  Water slides, obstacle courses, wave pool, basketball, etc.  GWL poster child.

This little guy, loved it.  I had to keep a tight grip on him, he was ready to dive on under.

And they have adult drinks.  I am just saying, it helps sometimes.

Jackson and 'Wiley' at story time.  They asked who wants to help us out? Jackson - Ohhh me, please, I do!! Nash - Nope, not meeeee!

He was more in to gaming it up with his dad.  They got kicked out of the game room, closing time… shocker.

Super cool camp bunk beds that… wait for it… had a TV!  We have one TV in our house, so the idea of a TV that you can watch from your bed, so cool.

And what can be greater than GWL? A DUNKIN DONUTS in GWL. Breakfast of champions.

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