January 26, 2015

Friday Fun

Jackson does not have preschool on Fridays.  At first I thought this would be a great day to relax around the house and get things done.  Ha, I haven't figured out how to get things done with so many helpers.  Instead we call it Friday Fun and try and do something special.  Send any cheap ideas my way!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for the WIN.

Visit to Goldsboro to see Papa and Nana!  J-man got caught in the scratch my back for a minute trap….

Pullen Park with friends.

Theo and I even did the Merry -Go-Round.  We getting 'busy' mom! Dizzy, but it is too funny to correct.

Fun at aunt Brittni's work spot.

Jersey Mike's lunch dates. (duh) 

Football games.

The real movie theatre.  The popcorn was good...

Nash loved 'Paddington-Barrington.'  But seriously I payed big bucks for this nap.

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