January 27, 2015


J-man wasn't feeling so hot this weekend and when he slept in till 9:45 on Monday morning I decided we should definitely get checked out.  I didn't want to go to urgent care, which is the reason I waited until Monday.  Then I could not get an appointment at his doctors office so we had to go to urgent care anyways, annoying.  After 3 short hours he was thankfully diagnosed with strep.  The doc put him on antibiotics and said he should be 100% in 24 hours.  We all sanitized our hands 47 times while waiting in the germ ward and are praying no one gets strep or worse.  Today he is back to his normal self, just mad I wouldn't let him go to school.

Hamming it up.

You can't keep giving me crackers... come on, let me get on that floor!

Picking up our prescription, as easy as 1-2-3.  Can we go ahead and get 3 doses of that amoxicillin please. No one looks sick to me...

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