March 5, 2015

Thursday morning love

Manning the grill in too tight pajamas and a too tight haircut.  The haircut is ridiculous.  Please grow fast.

Thursday morning both boys have school, when it doesn't snow, and I get to play with Theo.  I used to enjoy popping him in a bouncer or his high chair or walker and getting some stuff done.  Not anymore. This guy is on the go.  He usually heads straight to crawl up the stairs and into the playroom where he has an endless amount of tiny things that he can put in his mouth.  I follow up after him and he loves having all the attention.  We 'play' and then do some serious snuggling.  I would be ok if he stayed like this forever.  Except for the night time part, he could work on it a little, but he is already better than his big bro Nash...

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