March 12, 2015

wine & design...

This week our 'supper club' (I say that hesitantly because we only go out to eat) decided to do a Wine and Design, guys included.  Charlie was a bit hesitant when I mentioned it but he would be lying if he didn't say he really enjoyed it.  I knew the perfectionist in him would come out and his painting would be better than mine…. arghh.  We had a serious spread of food (Jersey Mike's Subs, you know this) and drinks so really what was not to enjoy.  The next morning I showed Jackson our paintings.  'Why did dad paint the sky like that?' 'Was this your first time.' 'Ok, well that is pretty good if it was your first time.' 'Your flowers do kind of look weird though.' 'What is the black thing?  Maybe dookie?'  Honesty at its best.

Dudes at work.

Yes, we all went to Carolina, although I knew none of these people when we went there.  The Old Well at its finest. 


  1. Love! Love Jackson's comments, that Charlie went (can we get Brent to go next?!?!?), and your pretty painting!!!!