March 22, 2015


Charlie and I headed for a quick trip to Las Vegas this weekend.  Charlie is a Vegas 'pro' and I have been once in high school, sooo that doesn't really count.  We met some friends out there and stayed at Mandalay Bay. The guys hit up the casinos and the girls the pool.  We had two awesome dinners at Charlie Palmer Steak House  and Sushi Roku.  When we planned the trip we didn't even think about it being the opening day of the NCAA tournament.  It was a sports betting dudes heaven.  I am old and tired and not so much richer.

Right when we got to Vegas, 8 am, we needed some serious brunch to get this party started.  We hit up the famous Peppermill Restaurant & Lounge.  I recommend the french toast with a little bit of whip cream.

Jackson and Nash's favorite picture of the trip for obvious reasons.  And I have no idea who that guy is.

Getting serious at The Bellagio, almost game time.  Go Heels and other random teams that didn't do as well...

Pre dinner drinks in The Four Seasons lobby at Mandalay Bay, where we actually stayed because we fancy and it was cheaper.  Check it out!

I love this picture just because.  Lindsy and I at dinner.

Late night drinks at The Foundation Room.  Awesome view.

Brittni, Me, Lindsy.  The girls.

And since this blog is supposed to be about my chillins and all I am doing is blabbing about myself, here are some much cuter pictures.  The boys stayed at their grandparents house in Wilson.  They live right down the street from their cousins.  After I picked them up yesterday Jackson asked if we could please please move to Wilson!

Making a cake with grandaddy!

Sweet Sophie entertaining sweet Theo.  Theo did miss his mommy while she was gone.  I got the biggest smile and best loves when he saw me.  Best part of the trip.



  1. Love the laughing pic too!! Had so much fun! I'm think Jackson meant he wanted yall to move to Atlanta...just saying😉