March 2, 2015

snow dazzzeeee

We got MORE snow!…… It was pretty.  We are ready for Spring.  

It was real snow that was really pretty.  And for around here it was a whole lot.

Greta loved it.  

Jackson loved it.  He would have stayed out there all day.  Completely soaking wet.  His wind pants and double undies didn't hold up as well as I had hoped.  :)

Nash loved it, until he got cold and wet.  Then he was over it.

Theo is a big heavy back breaker.  We hung out as long as I could last and then headed in for snuggles.

The neighborhood 'hill' got a lot of action.

And then we were over it.  And drank lots of hot chocolate and ate lots of food and watched a lot of movies.

We even worked out for a hot 3 minutes.

And then I started to go insane.  So we safely ventured to the grocery store.  Because if you are going stir crazy you should shove your 3 boys in a huge grocery cart and listen to them 'help' you.  So relaxing.

We got a brand new bed!! And I said they would not be allowed to jump on it.  And then it snowed for-ev-er and we had some dance parties.

And baths, lots of long warm baths.

Welcome March! Bring on Spring time!

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