November 14, 2015

Bienvenidos a Miami

No one loves a good deal as much as Charlie.  Like when a cheap Thursday afternoon direct flight to Miami pops up and he suggest we go.  Of course we have to come back early Saturday morning for the  UNC football game, one of the thing he does love more than a good deal.  I usually want all the details and dates and say no we have kids to get taken care of  etc.  But then I remember we will only be gone 36 hours and we have awesome grandparents and aunts and uncles that live really close by and still actually like our kids!  Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami.  We did some serious dining, a good amount of walking and had a few drinks.  I would do it all over again next week, just saying.

85 and sunny with a nice little breeze.  My pale forehead got a little toasty on our walk.

Just kidding.  This was on the way to Joe's Stone Crab for dinner.  It was recommended by a lot of people but I was kind skeptical that it was a tourist trap.  It was not.  So good, worth the 1 1/2 wait.  I didn't take a single picture because it was that good.  Go there.

The next night we ate at The Bazaar. Ohhh Myyyy Goodddnessss.  It is fancy expensive delicious tapas.  If you like fancy delicious pricey food, go here.  This is a cocktail made with dry ice at your table, obviously.  I won't bore you with food pictures, but I did take them, and would order it all over again. 

S'Mores dessert 'bite.'  We look a little older and tired here, but we aren't, not at all.

While we were out, these dudes also grubbed.  Chic-fil-a, twice.  Dreamy.

And because this is too funny.  Rasheed Wallace was on our flight home.  Charlie was wearing his Sheed shirt 'Ball Don't Lie.'  I wanted a picture bad, but this had to do.  He seemed as friendly as you would imagine.  

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