November 19, 2015

Theo is 1 AND A HALF!

Theo-ba-beo is 1 1/2 today!  He is a wild, loud, busy, copy-cat, paci loving, monkey climbing, snuggle bug.  We are BFF, for now, so I am gonna soak it up while I can.  Things that are super cool about you - Every single night you remind us to say the blessing by holding your hands close to your face, smiling and saying 'Gah is geat.'  You are obsessed with telling people 'Byee-byeee, Byeeee, Bye-Bye' to anyone that walks by you or to anyone you want to leave you alone.  And you do it in the sweetest voice ever.  You twirl my hair and suck your paci just like your big brother Jackson.  You chase your brother Nash around the house yelling, 'BOOOO!' And you sleep better than your older brothers at night, the coolest thing you could ever do.
Stats -
Height - 33.07 inches (75%)
Weight - 27 lb. 10 oz. (89%)
Head - 19.49 inches (95%)
What MOM? Uno!

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