November 10, 2015

Date Night

I have been pretty hard on Jackson the past few days.  I forget he is only 5 and has been at school all day and is usually pretty tired and equally annoyed with his younger brothers (and mother) all up in his ear when he gets home.  I expect a lot out of him because he is my sweet older boy.  So when freak outs of fighting and yelling happen he is usually the first to get punished.  On Monday I decided we needed a 'date' night.  He got to pick ANY restaurant to have dinner, then we were going to work on his reading homework (I know-I know, but it is hard to get this done at home, and he does enjoy it but we usually can't hear each other and yelling ensues…) and then get dessert.  He picked Jersey Mike's.  I could not persuade him otherwise, I even suggested KANKI for crying out loud.  'No MOM I said I just want some Jersey Mike's stop asking me.'  So I tried to talk him out of it one more time and then we went.  It was awesome.  He told me about people in his class, things they were doing at school, the football game on TV AND I got to listen.  Then he read his book with no fussing and we ate cookies and walked over to the toy store.  It wasn't exactly what I had hoped for (some wine) but it was perfect.

Snuck a picture.  Otherwise iPhone was put up.  I am guilty as charged with that thing.

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  1. You are such a good momma... Let's do a double date one night... To kanki!!!!