November 1, 2015


Happy Happy Halloween weekend.  We all had a cracked out candy loving blast!  Here are a bunch of pictures because it is easier to eat mini chocolates out of a pumpkin while loading pics up than actually typing anything.  Our neighborhood does not play when it comes to candy, we got the good stuff.  Don't tell the sweet sleeping boys!

Nash teaching Theo how to pull out the gooey disgusting stuff.  'This is actually amazing mom.'  We had a lot of pumpkins but carved 2 and that was plenty.  Knives and wild determined toddlers don't mix.

Jackson had a 'carving kid kit' and did really well with it.  He was very serious and didn't want anyone to get his pumpkin...

Look who Nash found at his pre-school Halloween Parade, Scooby-doo, I Señora Winslow, I mean Tat!

Look who Captain America found at his 'Character Day Fall Fest' (Halloween, just say it, get over it, come on people), a green Crayon, I mean Miss Winslow, I mean a crazy helicopter aunt Nat!

It gets hot saving kindergartners all day.  Go ahead and take that shirt off boy.

I got to help out with Jackson's 'Halloween' party!  Crafts with sweet Kindergartners.  I have been playing school since I was 5 year old... dreams coming true every day.  

Throw your hands up for Halloween weekend!

Mom and her super heroes!!

Cutest, strongest, gooberest Hulk Smashes you ever did see.  Cal is on Jackson's class.  They are bros.

Clark Kent getting down on some Pizza.  Looks like Superman, but it can't be.  

Some of the Downing Creek kids pre-trick-or-treat time!  Love our 'hood.

I made Natalie come and dress up.  Because this costume is nothing short of awesome.

Theo and I headed back home to hand out some candy and snuggle and watch football.  Superman rocks and loves to look at himself on the phone.  

Home from trick-or-treating with full pumpkins.  Hey Theo, 3rd kid probs.  Sweet old lady alien head Greta has it all under control.  

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