November 9, 2015

Weekend Fun

Here are some pretty cool highlights that happened this weekend -

Friday we found out, I am getting another NIECE!  My brother and sister-in-law found out they are having another GIRL.  Eleanor Frederick Winslow will be arriving in April.  I guessed girl, sorry Clint, you get the girls, I get the boys.  When they get older we shall trade at least once a month.  I will get manicures and they can teach me how to do make-up and you can fight.
Big sister Brooklyn wasn't too excited just yet.  She will learn soon enough that being the oldest rules.  
On Saturday the Tarheels whooped the 'Dukes.'  It was 100% chance rain all day long and it started off strong.  And then right at kick-off it stopped raining and did not rain anymore the entire game.  Score.

Early morning tailgates means... DONUTS! Only because it was a little too early for Jersey Mike's.

I contemplated staying back with this guy for a few more drinks and donuts and a good nap!  Sweet Aunt Sarah offered to instead.

Cheering on the Heels with Unc.  He best soak up that dude time.  ;)

Sunday after church we headed to see Wild Kratts LIVE at the DPAC.  Jackson threw a fit and didn't want to go because he wanted to go to our usual Jason's Deli and the bookstore and home to watch football.  Don't you love it when you plan a really fun expensive surprise activity and no one wants to do it.  And then you can't even enjoy the show because the entire time you are worrying that you are raising ungrateful brats.  And then after the show you make them watch YouTube videos about Operation Christmas Child and use some of 'their' money to go buy some toys to fill up boxes.  And then they think it is a good idea (thank-you God) and only want to keep some of the stuff for themselves and you remember they are 5, 3, and 1 so you still have some time and should probably just chill.  This happens to me a lot.  You too, yes? yes??!!

Helping me unload the goods from Target.  Of course we went to Target.

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