December 28, 2015

I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas...

And finally, our family Christmas.  We decided last Christmas that on Christmas Eve we will always stay in Chapel Hill.  A new Farris Family of five tradition.  Charlie works on Christmas Eve day, the kids are all bonkers and I am in freak attack mode making sure Santa Clause has gotten our lists and checked it twice!  This year was still all of the above but nice to have the children nestled all snug in their own beds…

It was 70 + degrees, our neighbor sent  a message that the dudes were heading to the UNC turf fields to play some soccer.  We put on our jerseys and headed that way for an energy busting morning.  Christmas in Dixie.

Christmas Eve day lunch, Jersey Mike's of course!  I spot a Theo.

Merry & Muggy.  The boys got some flag football gear as a gift!  I am hoping this helps tame the tackling.  A Christmas miracle?

Pre-Christmas Eve church service picture.  It went something like this, 'Look at dad, stand up straight, smile, stop moving, do you want to open presents, hope Santa isn't watching…'  Christmas cheer.

We used up all of our snacks and distraction tricks during the first hymn.  Jackson was the only one who made it through the Christmas eve service.  The others were escorted out to fight in the hall.

Family present time.  We open presents from brothers and mom & dad after church on Christmas Eve.  Nash was particularly pumped about this one.

Sweet Theo enjoyed playing us some tunes on his new piano and reading 'A BOOK! A BOOK!'  Third kids are hard to shop for, glad he loves a good book.

Settling in!

They left Santa a card, a really old gingerbread house that Jackson made at school and said he could drink the milk from the carton.  We need to work on this.

He came!  Favorite gift - the hot dog / ice-cream stand.

We headed to Goldsboro for our annual family luncheon with my dad's entire side of the family.  It's always a good time.  This was the only picture I took.  Unfortunately, Jackson and I did not feel that well, think we had a little stomach bug or a case of the way too much to eat and drink the past week!

Afterwards we headed over to Papa's house.  Theo played us some more tunes on the piano.

Nash  worked the grill again with Uncle David.  Not pictured - Jackson & I snuck upstairs for a snooze.  All this Christmas love is wearing us out.  These are the good ol days.

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