December 10, 2015

love note

I had one of those days the other day, as I often do.  Patience is a virtue, one that I am really trying to work on.  I smile as I look back at my somewhat organized, clean, on-time self and wonder if God chuckled when he blessed me with these 3 boys and their dad.  They put me out of my comfort zone a lot.  I get frustrated, and yell, a lot.  I apologize to a 5, 3 and 1 year old, a lot.  Jackson gave me this note the other day in a sealed envelope.  He had been in the other room 'taking a break' aka time-out from his brothers and the ever present fighting.  I read it, felt my heart swell and soaked it up as one of those parenting-fail and parenting-win moments.  

'I love you mom.' 'We are hugging each other or giving a high five or a pound or wrestling, haha.'

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  1. You are such a good momma!!! High five and fist bump!