December 15, 2015


Just some iPhone pictures of my boys that I would like to print out and put in a frame.  But seeing as I haven't replaced any pictures around here in a good 4 years I figure no need to start now.  Thankfully they all looked the same as babies.  We are going for the 'vintage' look.  Or maybe I see a New Year's resolution in my future…

Theo charming everyone up on the dance floor, raising a cup cake to the bride and groom.

  Sleeping babies / kids are the best.  Nash still creeps in our room a few nights a week.  I hear his bedroom door open and then slam shut and him sprint to our room.  He quietly (too late now babe) nuzzles his way right in the middle and goes right back to sleep.  

My big guys at Jackson's first hockey game.  These two are true gamers, all day, all the time, all the questions.

Evening football,  inside, way too close to the tree. The children were nestled all snug in their beds...

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