December 7, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

We got our Christmas tree early this year, for us at least.  December is a busy month so I kind of just wanted to get our Christmas decor up and done.  The boys picked one out, nothing fancy and we all decorated it, nice and tacky.  We put a rope around that bad boy and staple gun it to the windows in hopes of no mishaps.  Tis the season…

Christmas card attempt while picking out the tree.  It was a no go.  'I look like I am taking a huge dookie!' -Jackson

My first sweet little boy still puts on the star.

Up and decorated and in our Christmas jammies bribed with ice cream sandwiches for another card attempt.  Greta wanted in on this one.  Poor Nash, middle kid probs.

1 comment:

  1. I still laugh out loud when I see this last pic! Can that please be your Christmas card....?!?!?!? Sooo hilarious! (But of course, Nash is so handsome and should be in the pic...maybe on the back?!?!?!)