January 26, 2016

Fun with my boys

We have had quite a few snow days around here.  And we have had a really good time.  It is fun having Jackson around during the day to entertain us.  We (me) have had only a few meltdowns and uncontrollable outburst and farts in the face (they can't stop saying this, help me) but all in all these little guys rock.  A few pictures of the good stuff.

Hot Chocolate.  Lots of Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness packets scattered around here. 

I spotted this moment at our neighbors house one evening.  Be still my heart.

Dad teaching Theo how to roast his first marshmallow.

On our way to a Kids Pop-Up with mom.  A seriously needed energy buster.  They were sooo strong afterwards.

Some pbskids.com.  Theo is just happy to be here folks.  I can't believe they are letting me look at it!

Braved the snow for a dinner date with my super heroes.

Children's Museum of Alamance.  It was so awesome.  We hung out with some friends for over 2 hours.  Big enough with plenty to do, but small enough that everyone can roam and do their own thing.

Then we headed into downtown Graham to the Soda Shop and Grill.  Hotdogs, fries, and ice cream.  'If I don't work at Jersey Mike's, I am totally working here.' -Nash

'Moommyyy! It's cawwddd.  It's mmmm and cawddd.'

Bubbles!  Cleaning our trains and cars, because well it is a good excuse for a 4:00 afternoon bath.

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