January 24, 2016


It seems like for the past 6 years we have had at least one really good snow every winter.  Despite this, I refuse to buy any actual winter gear for the boys.  We layer up in pajamas and sweaters and coats and mismatched gloves and 2 hours later will all wobble outside.  Inevitably someone takes a big spill, gloves come off, underwear is filled with snow, and they have lost a tennis shoe.  So, we trek back in and make hot chocolate and cookies to take over to the neighbors for dinner.  Bless the neighbors that have everyone over for a snowy cookout, I can't walk through our front door without tripping.  

The day before the big snow.  The pond was, not that frozen, but the waters needed to be tested.  And they were.  Nash fell in.  All the way in.  I had to jump in and get him out.  It was cold and stinky and I am hoping they learned their lesson.  When I say don't get that close to the pond it is not because I am the meanest mom ever...

Day one sleet!  Dad was cranking out subs at Jersey Mike's so we stayed close to the front yard all day.  After the incident the day before I wasn't feeling very adventurist. 

Cold toe Theo.  He LOVED rolling around in the snow until he got 'coowwdd moom, I coowwwdd.'

My three cold wankstas!

Gearing up for day 2!  Baseball pants under sweatpants hold up pretty well!

Headed over to the neighborhood park to do some shredding and sledding!

Jackson was crushing the hills!

Nash was crushing the snow.

Theo is crushing any and everything he gets near.

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