January 15, 2016

He lost a tooth!!

Jackson lost his first tooth!  His bottom two teeth have been just a wiggling for a while now.  He has his 'adult' teeth already growing in behind both of them.  He will not let us touch them and doesn't really mess with them at all.  Today Charlie had lunch with him and brought him his favorite, Jersey Mike's turkey wrap with honey mustard and pickles.  Charlie said he saw him spit a bite out and some blood in his mouth.  Boom, a tooth wound up on the floor.  He was the star of the table, everyone wanted to see it.  When he got home I was overly excited and he was pretty much over it.  He told me he thought he had a weird spice in his wrap.  :) We put the tooth in a plastic bag for the tooth fairy.  I asked if he wanted to write a note to the tooth fairy. 'Nope.  Do I have to put in under my pillow?'  I think he will be happy to see that crisp $1.00 bill.  We are keeping it simple around here, the tooth fairy has lots of teeth to keep up with in her future.

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  1. Way to go, Jackson!!!! Such a big guy- and seriously the star of the table. We heard all about it!!!