January 5, 2016

Back in session…!

Public school started back this week, it was about that time…  We had a lot of fun over break doing some 'special' things to help us get out of the house.  It takes us about 3 hours to actually get out but it was always worth it when we finally got to where we were going.

Playnation!  We haven't been here in a while and I have a big ol' 10 pass Groupon.  We will be back!

They played together nicely AND left when I asked them without crying and fighting all while being bribed with their OWN SPRITE IN A CAN!  This is basically better than a crisp $100 bill.

We raided our neighbors houses and all their new toys.  And watched the Tarheel bowl game, not what we wanted but the food was good. 

Defy Gravity.  Monkey see, monkey do, help me.  If you go before 10:00 am it is kids only and adults jump for free with them.  And everyone is tired when we leave, which I will pay a lot of money for.

He was super serious the entire time.  DUMP! BALL! DUMP & BALL!  A few of his favorite things.

Rainy evening stroll.  We had to get out and do some puddle jumping.

Stopped Rainging this weekend!  A BIWD! A BIWD!  Another one of Theo's favorite things.  We watched the birds at the Botanical Gardens.  They were all out and confused by the sunny warm weather.  Now it is freezing and I imagine they headed South or whatever they do?!  Need to google that.  

And they made their way down to the cold creek.  They loved it, I waited for someone to fall in and tried to distract Theo from going down with A BIWD!  

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