January 14, 2016

Football Guys

Have ya'll ever heard of Football Guys?  It is a felt football field, 2 field goals, one referee and 2 sets of football team figurines.  That is it.  My boys like to pull out their legos to add a 'dug out' (all these sports can be confusing to a 3 year old).  They are obsessed with this Christmas present.  It is Jackson's present but he is supposed to share with his brother and play it together. Nash has learned that when Jackson is in school he gets it all to himself.  The other day I played with him for almost 2 hours… what was kind of fun at first turned out to be a little mind numbing.  He likes to set up every single play.  And then we have to do the play and knock down every single figurine we just set up.  And then consult with the referee.  And then huddle up our teams on the side line and talk quietly.  And then re-set up your players for the next play.

Me - 'Alright Nash, this is going to be my last play.'
Nash - 'BUT WHY?  IT'S ONLY 14-6!'
Me - 'That is why!  I need to at least finished getting dressed before Theo wakes up from his nap.'
Nash - 'Ok mom, 20 minute half-time.  And your doing pretty good for your first time.  See told you it was totally cool.'

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  1. Ordering this today. Van will love!! Thanks for the rec. we have a football board game that has been played so many times the cardboard is peeling off. This seems more durable πŸ‘πŸ»